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Note: there are two North Carolina openings associated with this job posting. Both positions can be virtually situated within or close to the geographies noted below.

Position one covers the following geography: Triangle North and Triangle South including, for example, Zebulon, Henderson, Raleigh, Fuquay Varina.

Position two covers the following geography: Triangle South and Coastal areas including, for example, Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, Sanford, Chatham, Wilmington, Goldsboro.

Job Summary

This position is responsible for negotiation and acquisition of real estate rights in support of Transmission, Distribution, Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro, Lake Services, Gas Operations, Distributed Energy Resources (Solar), as well as any Corporate needs. They will use advanced negotiating strategies to facilitate the acquisition process for full or partial rights in support of all regulated business units. They must be familiar with public land records and how to research ownership. They must be familiar with numerous land use issues. They will work in collaboration with landowners, attorneys, public officials, engineers, and others in gaining land rights to support company projects and customer requests. They may have responsibility for a variety of land rights acquisition projects as well as easement releases and less complex disposal projects.


  • Negotiation - Ability to work with property owners and interests to bring about an equitable and fair settlement for the rights being acquired.
  • Communications - Ability to develop interpersonal relationships. Written and verbal skills are vital in dealing with individuals as well as groups (i.e. DOT, Homeowner Assoc., Courts, church leadership, boards, public meetings, etc.)
  • Basic legal expertise - proficient in research and examination of basic title issues (deeds, mortgages, liens, taxes, etc.) and ability to perform a limited title search. Review of transaction documents. Assist attorneys with legal proceedings to include expert witness testimony.
  • Project Management - Representative must be able to manage various tasks simultaneously in order to accomplish desired objectives. Acquisition requires managing a variety of competing interests to include risks, costs and relationships.
  • Valuation - Ability to compile sales data to support values for both fee simple and partial rights acquisition and disposal. Able to read appraisal reports with a critical eye and challenge opinions.
  • Administrative - Familiarity with MS Office and other tools in order to compile and complete reports. Maintain and protect field files as directed by Records Retention policy and/or state regulations. Appropriate documentation of all aspects of transactions from contract preparation to recording of conveyances. Ensures payments are made with proper accounting by check/wire to facilitate transaction settlements.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Business or
  • Bachelor's degree in Real Estate
  • In addition to required degree, 3 plus years related work experience
  • In lieu of Bachelor's degree(s) AND 3 plus year(s) related work experience listed above, High School/GED AND 7 plus year(s) related work experience
  • Notary Public and Real Estate License

Desired Qualifications

  • In addition to desired degree, 7 years related work experience

Additional Preferred Qualifications

  • Survey and land engineering knowledge

  • Knowledge of electric operations and construction

  • Environmental awareness to understand basics of due diligence and the public requirements for projects.

  • A real estate professional designation earned through testing and experience from a recognized real estate association such as IRWA, Appraisal Institute, CoreNet, CCIM, etc.

  • Effective public presentation, witness and testimony skills and experience.

  • Strategic thinker, comfortable with systems, metrics, and out of the box resolutions and implementation as necessary

Working Conditions

  • Will often require irregular work schedule to accommodate land owners and other professionals to include frequent evenings and weekends.

  • Travel may be required to facilitate certain negotiations and execute transactions.

  • Field visits are often required to analyze property and participate in due diligence.

Specific Requirements

  • Driver's License

Travel Requirements


Relocation Assistance Provided (as applicable)


Represented/Union Position


Visa Sponsored Position


Posting Expiration Date

Sunday, April 18, 2021

All job postings expire at 12:01 AM on the posting expiration date.

Please note that in order to be considered for this position, you must possess all of the basic/required qualifications.

Hiring Organization / Company: Duke Energy
Basic Salary: To Be Discussed
Employement Type: Full-Time

Job Location Information:
City: Zebulon
State: Nc
Country: Us
Location: Zebulon, Nc

Date Posted: 2021-04-08
Job Listing No# : 51831

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Tips on how to become successful in a career in real estate

Real estate has proven to be one of the most lucrative businesses to engage in today. This is because of the recent demand for properties by leasing, renting, and buying, which has seen prices drop and rise at the same time. Becoming successful in real estate is a dream come true once you have gone to school for it and worked hard. Real estate has several career opportunities for you, such as agents, advocates, brokers, property managers, and auctioneers. Success, however, will come with some challenges that you have to embrace and keep pushing. How you take these challenges will determine your success, and thus you ought to stay positive and keep pushing.

Success can be quite demanding due to lots of pressure from both your peers and yourself. However, it should be something you are excited about, especially how venturing into real estate is beautiful. You will have the opportunity to work with creative minds, clients who are enthusiastic about buying and selling property, and networking with those who are ahead of you. The article is here to guide you on how to do it and embrace each step to your success in real estate. How do you do it? Here are ten tips for a successful career in real estate:

1. Passion defines it all

Doing something you are in love with and passionate about will always result in dedication and commitment, which return determines your success. Do not jump into real estate if you are not excited about it because you will have no direction or zeal to keep going. Once you are passionate about real estate, you will never complain along the way of issues, but instead, you will have every reason to overcome because you are in love with what you are doing. Passion will give you a sense of drive because you not only have what it takes to succeed but also yearn for it.

2. Make the internet your first love

The internet has an excellent opportunity for you if you want to be successful in real estate. There is lots of information on it that you can use to learn about what others are doing and market yourself in the real estate industry, which is highly competitive. It would help if you did lots of research on what others are offering in the market in terms of price, trends, and structural creativity. Self-marketing to gain popularity is also crucial for you to be successful. Do it aggressively through the various online platforms you dispose of, such as creating social media pages, websites, and a blog to promote what you are doing.

3. Patience

Starting your career in real estate and expecting success in the first few months or years is not the best idea for you. You should be patient because if you do so, you may end up frustrated and quit while you are still young at it. Instead, embrace the process and acknowledge that the first few months or years for you will not be easy. You are venturing into real estate for the first time, and thus you have to learn the process. Each step in the process matters a lot in your success, and therefore you have to be ready to learn and gain experience. Most people fail because they want to become rich fast in real estate, not knowing the struggles others went through to get to the heights they now are at.

4. Network

It’s important to know that you cannot make it on your own. Even though you alone can determine your success, you need to work with others to succeed. Networking those in real estate and accompanying sectors will lead to trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships. You will be working with like-minded people who will help you grow through their experience in real estate. Connect with those who are ahead and your peers also in real estate so that you can learn from them and even exchange ideas on how to get better. Networking will also see to it that you learn what you need to avoid, and thus you become one step ahead since you avoided falling into it. While your network, take only those who will see you through your success along instead of having a pool that may drag you behind.

5. Have a plan

How you begin will determine a lot. It would be best if you had a plan that will guide you through everything you do. A plan gives you a sense of direction because you have laid out your goals and objectives against the actions needed to succeed. Have a plan before you begin that will guide you through each step you will take, and thus you will not dilly dally along the way. Once you accomplish something, tick it against what your plan had stated and the purpose for those not yet achieved. When making your plan, be realistic because if not, you will end up in so much pressure, which is not suitable for you. Define what you want and make sure you can achieve it with healthy strain. Real estate for you should be smooth, and thus your plan needs to match what you are capable of.

6. Think like a business person

It would help if you had an independent and open mind in real estate to be successful. Venturing in it will require you to make strategic decisions due to the factors influencing real estate. You have to be ready for issues such as inflation, rise in demand, client preferences, and many more, which require you to think like a businessman. Your career in real estate in real estate will require you not to be rigid but to have an open mind about things. The decisions you make need to realize growth and not fall short of your success. Real estate is a lucrative business and thus needs a match for it. Your success in real estate in whatever career you are pursuing will require you to think like a businessman rather than an employee.

7. Gain new clients while you retain the ones you have

As soon as you start selling, you need not stay comfortable but stay hungry. This should be by looking for new potential clients aggressively by offering what they need. Clients will always be attracted to what you have installed for them so long as it gives them value for their money. It’s, therefore, your job to satisfy their expectations so that you can have new sales and leases and while doing so, do not forget about those you have. It will be so wrong of you to forget about those paid for your first sales and leases as you only think about new sales. Retaining your previous clients’ connections is essential because they become your brand ambassadors. They will always champion for you and help you through referrals to gain business from potential leads.

8. Get your papers right

Real estate requires lots of paperwork for a successful transaction. Therefore, you should ensure that you have all the documents needed to work in real estate as a career. These documents will include licenses, buyer’s agent agreements, closing disclosure, property deed, and home inspection reports, among many more. Professionalism is required of you for a successful buy or sell in real estate, and one way to guarantee your clients of this is by having your paperwork right. Clients choose you if you are good at what you do. These documents assure them that you are not a quack trying to fraud them off their cash, but you are legitimate and ethical in what you do.

9. Get ready for the competition

You need to know that real estate faces aggressive competition. It’s therefore useful if you expect it and know how to have an edge to it. You should be unique in what you do so that you stand out from the rest and have comparable points. Please do not copy what others are doing because they succeeded. It’s okay to look into what they are doing, but while doing so, look for what they are not offering that can add value to you as a person in real estate. Success in real estate will only be determined by how you face your competitors. Therefore, they should not scare you, but instead, be a basis for you to be better than them.

10. Establish a track record of your experience

Lastly, you need to make people have something they can talk about you. Your track record should be your selling to by the reputation that you have against your peers. Through the experience you have gained over the years, you should aim at getting better every day. Clients will want to see the previous works done on your portfolio or look at reviews on your website. Your track record should speak for itself and guarantee them that they can later attest to not regretting the decision made. Do not rush at selling or leasing what can ruin your reputation but instead mold it to applaud the excellent work you do.

Success in a real estate career is not a one-day affair. It requires you to be the best in what you do and always be ready for challenges. Strive at getting better and take each step as a lesson to your career.